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Project Details

Location:  Hackensack, Minnesota
Total Thermal Cost:  $74,000
Wind Turbine Cost:  $122,000
Completed:  2011

Project Description

Deep Portage is a non-profit environmental education/outdoor recreation center located in northern Minnesota.  In 2010, edi designed the following renewable items: a 10-KW 130-foot windmill that was tied to the utility electrical power grid, a 10-panel, solar-thermal array designed and constructed to provide domestic hot-water heating for the complex and a 35 panel photovoltaic array of electricity..

EDI has experience on projects designing both flat-panel and evacuated tube solar thermal systems in addition to solar photovoltaic systems that are tied to the electrical grid.

Features include:

  • 12.5KW, 130-foot wind mill with 22-foot diameter blade. Solar (photovoltaic) unit that is tied to the utility power grid. 10KW of power from the wind mill with 2.5 KW from the photovoltaic unit to off-set facility energy foot-print.
  • 10-panel, evacuated-tube solar hot water system that heats the facility domestic water.
  • 35-panel photovoltaic array that provides supplemental power to the facility.
  • Please visit the Deep Portage Learning Center Web Site for an account of the energy saved by these systems.
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